The 'How to Guide' of our Miele WetCare System

Step 1: We check your garments for any nasty stains which will be treated before being put through the machine with our specialist Kreussler solutions. Each solution is designed for different types of stains – they can treat blood, cosmetics, mud, grease, perfume and even rust stains. They all work in a unique way so it doesn’t damage your garments. They are free from harsh chemicals, environmentally friendly and kind to the most delicate of textiles.

Step 2: Instead of Dry Cleaning, it’s called Miele ‘WetCleaning’! There are over 20 different cycles in the Miele machine to choose from and each cycle has a unique purpose for different materials. The machine selects the detergent automatically depending on the cycle and fabric so it’s simple and precise. The appropriate amount of water is added and the appropriate temperature is selected based on the material being treated.

Step 3: The garments are cleaned in a patented honey-comb shaped drum –endorsed by scientific studies for its unique shape and performance that is kinder to fabrics.

Step 4: The garment is moved to a special tension machine to be steamed and then shaped, we then move your garments to the ‘Veit’ machine. This machine allows the garments to be expertly finished, it’s specially designed to use tension and stretching for jackets and trousers with final touches applied on the powerful vacuum and blowing tables.