A Day in Home & Dry's Laundry

Last week I sat down with Crispin, our super star laundry manager AKA our laundry encyclopaedia!


We're going to let you in on what happens in the Home & Dry laundry on a day to day basis!

Our in-house laundry here in Chichester is managed by Crispin, with over 30 years experience in the laundry business you can ensure your dry cleaning and laundry is in safe hands with him. As you know we have recently gone green with our laundry by introducing Wet Cleaning, the eco friendly alternative to Dry Cleaning and I wanted to ask Crispin all about it and what it's like managing the laundry.

1. What does your average day in the laundry look like?

It can vary. You can come in and switch the machines on, making sure you don't set things off by mistake (he jokes!) I can set up the Miele machines which we use for the Wet Cleaning, serving customers, doing a laundry run and unloading machines. Whatever is called upon me.

2. What is it about laundry you love so much?

I enjoy it because I enjoy the environment I work in. I think in life you have to be positive in anything you do, I embrace the fact it's not the same everyday.

3. Tell me a little more about our new Wet Care Cleaning system?

Wet Care Began in 1991. Miele a well known German appliance company linked up with Kreussler a detergent manufacturer to create a cleaning process that was truly 'green' and this is how the Wet Care machines differ to domestic ones as you use water with the biodegradable detergent mixed in and because they are so good you are actually cleaning with just water. 

4. How has Wet Cleaning improved the service that we can deliver to our customers and what is so good about it? 

I think Wet Cleaning is far superior to dry cleaning because it is more versatile and can clean more household items. We can offer the customers more services.

5. What is your favourite item to Wet Clean?

Men's suits because they come out well with a good finish and I hardly have any complaints.      

6. How are we better than a high street Dry Cleaners?

We're better than the high street as it's more personal. We provide a service to the customers you can't replicate in a chain. We don't get as many one off garments as a high street chain (even though we can Wet Clean them) we get more personal items which means you can really build up a relationship with the customer. Plus the fact our staff is a family and we all respect each other for what we do.    

Thank you for sitting down with me Crispin! We hope to you as customers this has been insightful and allowed you to see a little bit more into how we do things here at Home & Dry! 

If you're interested in Home & Dry's laundry then pop into our head office in Chichester and see how we can help you or contact us today on01243 544481 a friendly member of our team will be more than willing to help you and you can even drop us an email info@homeanddry.biz