Castile Soap: The best thing since sliced bread!

Why we should all have Castile soap at home? Castile soap is originated from Spain, it is eco-friendly and made from plant and vegetable oils rather than animal fat, it is what people call a ‘true soap’ not a chemical detergent. Olive oil is the traditional base but coconut, hemp and even avocado can be used as a base for the product. It’s a very versatile cleaning product and is an ingredient that is often added to beauty products. It also has a minimal environmental impact which helps its publicity! It can be used to make homemade dish soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, all purpose and glass cleaner!

The benefits of castile soap are endless, it doesn’t encourage super bacteria unlike ‘anti-bacterial’ which can spread and breed the nasty super bugs. Castile oil is normally organic, vegan and Fair Trade so its ethical and good for the environment – so you can feel good about using it! It is safe for babies and animals too, its kind and gentle to your skin lots of people use it as a facial cleanser and for shampoo! At Home and Dry we are keen advocates of eco-friendly cleaning products and ways of making our business greener!

We are proud new stockists of a new eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products ‘FILL’ the products are • All-purpose cleaner – Seagrass and Lotus • Floor cleaner – Lavender and Rosemary • Kitchen cleaner – Pink grapefruit • Wash up – Spiced ginger • Glass clean – Seagrass and lotus • Fabric conditioner – Clean cotton • Laundry liquid – unscented • Bathroom cleaner – Sea salt and lotus.

Come into Home and Dry HQ and see for yourself – we will also be launching at Chichester’s Drapers Yard in December so stay tuned for more information – or call us on 01243 543 877 for more information!