How clean is your home?

As a nation, we spend hours each week keeping our homes clean. But how often do you deep clean? Here is a list of some household objects that could be collecting dirt, grime and bacteria in your home without you realising it!

The Bin – Our kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom bins are often emptied daily but we tend to forget to clean and disinfect the actual bin itself.  All-purpose cleaner will do the job but if you want to be greener and eco-friendlier, white vinegar and bicarbonate soda is a great way to kill germs and get rid of any lingering odours!

Showerhead – Think about the build-up of the residual water and lime scale in your shower based on how much your shower is used each day! A quick and cheap way to remove lime scale is to use white vinegar and lemon juice, if your shower detaches then leave it to soak overnight to get the best results!

Remote controls –  TV controls are up there with kettles and shower heads, we use them daily and they can carry a huge number of bacteria and dirt. Cleaning them with a micro-fibre cloth and some antibacterial spray will stop them from becoming greasy and a home for un-wanted bacteria.

Plants – If you like your home to feel fresh and green during the winter months, plants like orchids and poinsettias are great to brighten up the place! For best results, wipe over their leaves with a clean, damp cloth and then leave to dry – or for more delicate varieties spray with a water mist, so they are dust free and can absorb as much sunlight as they can.


Out with the old, in with the new

Did you know that items such as toothbrushes, wooden spoons, chopping boards and pillows all have ‘expiry dates’? Or that our every-day kitchen utensils and household objects carry unwanted germs that could be harmful to our health and even trigger heart disease, allergies and strokes? Click here for some tips on how to keep your home a safer bug and bacteria-free environment. (

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Julia Willkins