3 steps to going green with your laundry routine…

Want to go green with your laundry routine? Here are some quick and easy steps to making your laundry routine more eco-friendly.

1)      Go nuts with Soapnuts!
Whilst conducting our usual online research for effective laundry products, we recently discovered an interesting eco-friendly laundry product from a company here in the UK.  Soap nuts (a natural product harvested from the eastern and western hemispheres) are dried fruit shells containing natural soap called ‘saponin’ which is released when the nuts are submerged in water. The nuts can clean in hot or cold water and can then be reused to reduce wastage. A green alternative to your usual laundry powder or detergent, they are non-polluting, compostable & do not contain any harsh chemicals.

2)      Use 'Fill'!
We are proud to stock 'Fill'. An eco-friendly, refillable cleaning and laundry product that is manufactured here in the UK. Made using paraben free ingredients and available in a number of different scents, Fill offers a green alternative to washing up liquid, multi-purpose cleaner, kitchen cleaner, glass cleaner, laundry detergent and much more. Here at Home and Dry, we use it for many of our clients to help keep them green and reduce the presence of hazardous chemicals in their homes. Click on our Fill page for more information.

3)      DIY
Another alternative is to use products found around the home that have natural cleaning qualities. Did you know for example, that lemons are a natural stain remover? Their natural acid helps to remove dirt on tough clothing stains as well as and grime found around the home. Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are also useful ingredients to have around the house for their natural properties that make them particularly effective in cleaning glass, descaling shower heads and as natural odour neutralizers. Always check online or with an expert before using natural products as they can stain/harm some surfaces and materials.

Don’t have the time to do your laundry? Want help going green with your laundry routine? Let us take care of all your laundry needs – call us on 01243 543877  or email info@homeanddry.biz for more information!