5 Cleaning tips that will make your life easier!

At Home & Dry our goal is to make our customers lives as stress free as possible. We aim to do this by helping to create free time for those that need it. Housework and laundry is a common complaint of most working families and by taking this pressure away, people have more free time to focus on improving their work/life balance.

We have put together a few tips to help aide your home cleaning routine and (hopefully) make it slightly easier.

1.Hoovering tends to be the least popular chore when cleaning our homes- but it’s a necessary evil that must be faced head on! Experts say, that despite wanting to get your least favourite chore over with first, to save the hoovering till last to make sure you clean up the layers of falling dust and dirt created by cleaning.

2. Separating your laundry in to colours and fabrics will make your laundry day that little bit easier. It sounds silly to point it out, but some fabrics attract more lint and dirt than others- particularly velvet, wool and corduroy. These fabrics also have to be treated differently to your regular cottons, so spend the time prepping so you don’t run the risk of ruining your laundry!

3. The next tip is one of my Mother’s pet peeves! Make sure you scrape plates and dishes before you put them in the dishwasher! However, washing them beforehand is a waste of time and energy. For more stubborn, burned on stains- soak the dishes in warm water and washing up liquid for 30 minutes before putting them in the dishwasher.

4. Cleaning the bathroom can be a tiresome and relentless job, especially when cleaning the tiles and getting to the corners where the mildew and grime build up! Like myself, if you don’t like using harsh chemicals, lemon and bicarbonate soda is a great way of removing the grime and leaves your bathroom smelling fresh. But make sure that you let, whatever you use settle, and work its magic otherwise you may not get the best results!

5. When you’ve finished your cleaning routine don’t forget to clean your tools! Sponges and rags can be bleached or disinfected in the microwave with some lemon and bicarbonate soda, or you can soak them in vinegar. But they must soak for at least 5 minutes to ensure the bacteria and germs are eliminated. But we all know sponges can’t last forever, experts say that we should replace them every 4 – 8 weeks…

Don’t have the time to do the spring clean? Well we do! We’ll make sure your home is sparkling and dirt free so you can enjoy your time. Call us on 01243 543877 or email us at info@homeanddry.biz

Do you have a Holiday home that needs a spring clean or would you like someone to do all the management for you? Well, we can provide that service for you! Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that your Holiday home is taken care of and in tip top shape, if you have guests to stay we will provide a welcome pack and are on call 24 hours if needed. Give us a call and ask to speak to Steph or Annabel and they will talk you through our services.

Julia Willkins